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Unified Communication Solutions

Every business needs their employees to be able to engage with customers, colleagues, suppliers etc. as efficiently as possible, through various methods, and the ability to do this has never been greater.

Hosted unified communications (UC) allow you to bring together all of your internal systems and applications, including email, CRM, voice calls and messaging, creating a seamless experience across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

Benefits of a unified communications solution

  • Improve productivity – Providing employees with the ability to communicate easily and effectively is vital to any business. With unified communications you can integrate your internal systems and applications, allowing employees to collaborate and connect efficiently. With instant messaging, video calls, etc. you can also reduce any communication delays, resulting in a more efficient decision-making process.


  • Flexibility – With flexible and remote working, as well as BYOD schemes, becoming more popular than ever, you need a solution in place that allows employees to easily connect and collaborate with customers and colleagues whether they’re in the office, at home or on the move. UC enables this by providing you with all the communication channels you need on one secure platform, and the ability to access it over all major devices (PC, Mac, Laptop, Phone, Tablet).


  • Reduce Costs – UC integrates all your internal systems and applications, saving your business from having to pay for everything individually.


  • Secure – With UC, all of your communication channels are on one secure platform, keeping your data more secure than if it was being held over multiple platforms. With Xuper, you can also be confident that we take security seriously, and we’re backed by our various accreditations including ISO 27001, IASME and Cyber Essentials.


  • Access from anywhere – If your business has multiple sites across the UK, or the world, your UC solution will enhance your ability to connect with people, wherever they are. Whether it’s over a video call, instant message, phone call, or email. As long as you have a cellular network or internet connection, you’ll easily be able to communicate.



Xuper’s sister company Questmark can enhance your unified communications with video conferencing. Video conferencing solutions are one of the most effective alternatives to meeting in person. It doesn’t only improve your ability to connect with people outside of your organisation, but also with your colleagues. Improve your work from home and BYOD schemes, as well as promote a more flexible working environment. You also have the ability to share your screen, documents, and present to each other during a video call, allowing you to share knowledge and work together as easily as you can in person.

By partnering with Xuper to deliver your unified communication services you will benefit from industry leading technologies and the latest hosted telephony.

We can also provide a range of various other communication solutions, including cloud services, integrating multiple channels, voice and data solutions, email solutions, business connectivity solutions and Skype for Business.

If you’d like any more information, you can speak to one of our experts on 01332 362 481 or sales@xuper.co.uk