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Cyber Security

Online crime is continually increasing, with hackers focusing on stealing sensitive business and consumer data. As well as the number of attacks growing, they’re becoming more sophisticated as cyber criminals try to stay one step ahead. With this in mind, it has now become crucial for businesses to have a robust cyber security solution in place, or you will remain susceptible to attacks.

Brand damage, job security, and substantial fines are just a few potential consequences of a data breach. With Xuper, you get confidence that we have effective cyber security processes in place to Prevent and Protect against attacks. We have ongoing system testing, and install the best hardware and software to boost network resiliency. Our dedicated team will monitor your network for malware and stop any malicious software at the point of entry.


We provide a range of cyber security solutions including but not limited to:

Managed security services, firewall services, incident response, penetration testing, secure systems engineering, system test and evaluations, risk and vulnerability assessments, security improvements plans, compliance checks, insider threat analysis and security audits.

As well as our vast experience, you can also gain confidence from knowing we hold ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations.

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