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Managed Print Services

Print remains essential for all business types. Document output, people and processes depend on it. Unmanaged systems therefore have a negative impact on operations.

Managed print services provides you with visibility and gives you control of your environments printing. It also:

  • Improves document security and is a step towards GDPR compliance
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves productivity
  • Aids in environmental sustainability

As managed print provider, we’ll evaluate your cost per printed page making recommendations to improve your office printing environment.

As part of the audit process we’ll:

  • Conduct an assessment to analyse your entire print and document infrastructure
  • Designs a bespoke optimisation strategy around your operational needs
  • Monitors, manages and optimises your total print output environment regardless of printer brand
  • Optimises the way you store, send, retrieve, share and access information
  • Implement a continual improvement processReducing the number and types of printing devices and supplies

This process maximises your business by:

  • Proactively identifying and solving potential printing problems, replenishing supplies before employees are affected
  • Introducing ongoing process improvements to save you time and money
  • Turning slow, paper-based processes into automated, digital ones
  • Reducing your environmental footprint through printing less paper and consuming less energy
  • Giving mobile workers easy and secure printing access
  • Training employees for a smooth transition through change management

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